Securitization Trust

Securitization Trust

A typical process of asset securitization involves sale of specific receivables to a Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV"). While globally different forms of entities are used as SPVs, in India trusts make up the most popular form of SPV structure. Services Offered: Settling of Trust and holding the receivables along with the Underlying Assets in Trust for and on behalf of the beneficiaries (Investors) Vetting of all the legal documents prepared by the Legal Counsel to ensure the “True Sale” nature of the Transactions including adherence to the Securitisation Guidelines and ensuring smooth execution of the same Appointment of the Rating Agency / Registrar and Transfer Agent etc Coordinating with NSDL for Credit Corporate Action, creation of the ISIN and signing of the necessary documents Ensuring funding of the requisite accounts in time in accordance with the provisions of the Information Memorandum Our Strengths 

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